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The Project of no poles is now carried out for the purpose of making towns beautiful to be tolerant of disasters, having more pedestrian space of comfortable barrier- free.
SATO TEKKO provides new materials and new technique to significant public works, such as iron covers for Electric Cable Utility Tunnels, slide lock for laying underground and various kinds of gratings.
We are contributing to promote the improvement of telecommunication network and to create the beautiful sight by supporting for making towns beautiful and tolerant of disasters through the products for Electric Cable Utility Tunnels and Roads.

Concrete Cover of Cast Iron Grating for Round Gutter

Products for Electric Cable's Utility
Tunnels and Products for Road.

Iron Cover for Electric Cable's Utility Tunnel
Concrete Cover of Cast Iron
Slide Lock Cover for Laying Underground
Auto-Lock Iron Cover
Various kinds of Iron Cover
Duct Iron Cover
Box Liner
Grating for Round Gutter
Various kinds of Gratings

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Electric Power Supply and Communication Electric Cable Utility Tunnel and Road
Building Materials Foundation Work

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