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The hardware for Electric Power Lines and Telecommunication Lines supporting the Electric Cables, Telecommunication Cables and Transformers on Concrete Poles has been our major work ever since SATO TEKKO was established.
Our customers have given SATO TEKKO high reliability and high evaluation for the achievements through many years.
The total abilities for Production Lines to make rationalization for mass production from materials, Hot Dip Galvanizing Processing and the access to central of Tokyo contribute to the stabilizing supply of electricity and telecommunication complying with high quality demands of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company ) and NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) etc.
From now on SATO TEKKO keeps watch for safety, environment and high efficiency and makes efforts for research, development and improvement of new products and offers you high quality products in reply to the variety of customer's demands.

Electric Standard Products
(for Electric Power Supply)
Telecommunication Products

Electric Standard Products(for Electric Power Supply)
Step Bolt for Concrete Pole
Pole Step-close it in a free band
Pole Step-Wide type
Hardware for Grounded lightning machinery installed for Elbow Fitting
Hardware for installing An insulator in a cross direction
Hardware for Strain A central electric wire
Hardware for Supporting insulator and Low voltage electric wire
Possess a Concrete Pole and support an electric wire
Hook for insulator
Screw for Hook
Screw for Rack
NTT Standard Products
Step Bolt for Concrete Pole
Pin (Bolt M12, M16, M20)
Support rod for terminal box
Hardware hanger for wire to Concrete Pole
Arm Tie
Shelf for An authority of trust cable in manhole
Hardware for Crossing Wire
Earth Clamp
Separator for B-type Hardware
Separator for SS-Cable
A-type Hardware installing wire(B)version (Hardware for Strain-connecting single cable to messenger wire)
B-type Hardware installing wire (Hardware for Strain-connecting single or double cable to messenger wire)
SS-type Hardware(B)version for diverge two wire between Concrete Pole

Electric Power Supply and Communication Electric Cable Utility Tunnel and Road
Building Materials Foundation Work

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