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SATO TEKKO started up the business of manufacturing hot press bolts at the beginning.
From that time on the business has developed to various fields, electric power supply, telecommunication, electric cablefs utility tunnels, concrete piles and building materials etc. to meet the demands of the times.
SATO TEKKO will strive to respond to the extending needs from customers quickly and exactly through widely covering the requirement of materials, production facility of exclusive lines and hot dip galvanizing processing.
Furthermore we are developing a very wide range of business by making the best use of our network. For instance, as the project has developed from reliable Electric Power Cable Project to Electric Cable Utility Tunnels Project and from Electric Concrete Pole Project to Concrete Pile Project, SATO TEKKO shows many fields of great ability to society by making the best use of achievements and technical know-how which has been brought up under many years experience.
We constantly strive to make new challenges to meet the demands of the times from now on.

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SATO TEKKO CO.,LTD. 5-1, 6-chome, Minoridai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2231,Japan.
TEL: +81-47-394-8181. FAX: +81-47-361-6836.