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SATO TEKKO has grown steadily for even Building Materials and expanded a variety of works from high-rise building to general housing for their products and technologies. We have challenged new themes of Steel Structures and Works for Seismic Isolated Structure System etc.
We have widely expanded business to ALC Panel for building and ECP etc.
SATO TEKKO has been highly rated from customers for our comprehensive works of planning for buildings, trial manufactures, mass production and distribution.
We challenge to meet the extending customer needs at low cost for the building field as well.

Building Materials Data by Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corporation.
ALC Construction Example Example of Steel Structures and Works
Data by Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.

Building Materials
Fastener piece for ALC panel
Fastener piece for ECP
Fastener piece for outer dressing panel
Drainage board
Fastener piece for sashes frame
Special Bolts, Nuts
Steel Structures

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Building Materials Foundation Work

SATO TEKKO CO.,LTD. 5-1, 6-chome, Minoridai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2231,Japan.
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